Alumni & Friends

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All members of the Notre Dame family who seek a network of peers driven by a commitment to sustainability are invited to join the ND Sustainability and Stewardship Network. The Stewardship and Sustainability Network is an alumni-led initiative focused on engaging the broader Notre Dame family (on and off-campus) in the practical pursuit of sustainability informed by our faith and values.

To join the Network, please email us and subscribe to our Linked In group. In addition to being a great networking resource, the Network facilitates numerous opportunities to give back to the Notre Dame community:

  • Mentor a current undergraduate in the Sustainability Minor
  • Join our Speakers' Bureau
  • Support curriculum development and student research through a gift to the Sustainability Minor
  • Plan a sustainability-themed event through your regional Alumni Club
  • Expand our reach to new alumni and friends
  • Contribute to our newsletter

Through engagement of on-campus partners with alumni who are global leaders in sustainability, we can build a high-impact network in which we give back to the university with our expertise and address global challenges as a community. If you have suggestions for ways to strengthen our network or enhance sustainability studies at Notre Dame, please contact us.