Film: Food, Inc.


Location: Civil Rights Heritage Center, IUSB

Food Inc

Corporate farming has dominated food production in the United States. It produces food that is often unhealthy, produced by large agribusinesses that are killing small growers, damaging the environment, and abusing the animals that produce these foods and the employees who work there.

How can our communities become full participants when growing food has become a multi-million dollar, global business – and their customers viewed as just mouths to make profits off of?

Join us as Indiana University South Bend's Dr. Dé Bryant leads the next chapter in the Public Intellectuals Series, presenting the film, "Food, Inc." After the film, guests will have the chance to discuss the issues that the film raises, and look for solutions in our community to address them.

This event is free, and public participation is encouraged. Presented in cooperation with IU South Bend's Social Action Project.

The Civil Rights Heritage Center is located at the Engman Natatorium Building at 1040 W. Washington St. More information at