SUB Talks: Hurricanes and Climate Change Talk


Location: Montgomery Auditorium, LaFortune Student Center


SUB Talks presents a lecture by Dr. Kristin Shrader-Frechette on how climate change affects storm intensity.


The lecture will take place in the Montgomery Auditorium in the LaFortune Student Center, right across from Starbucks, at 6:00 pm on Thursday, November 16th. The lecture will place an emphasis on this year’s deadly hurricane season and how climate change is affecting these storms. 



At the event, we will be collecting donations for Unidos por Puerto Rico a charity working to assist Puerto Rico after the passing of Hurricane Maria. For more information on Unidos por Puerto Rico visit their website



This lecture is part of a series of topics brought to the Student Body by the Student Union Board.



The lecture will include local baked goods from Baker’s Dozen and apple cider.



See you there!



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