Deadline: Social Media for Climate Activism Online Internship

Location: Online


FIVE HOURS PER WEEK, Feb 3-April 15, 2020 

Gain valuable practical experience working with a team of students from across the nation in the development, execution, and assessment of a social media campaign in support of a national climate education project, Solve Climate By 2030. This is a VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP.  You can participate from anywhere in the US.  You must be available for group strategy meetings, presentations, and on-line discussion Monday evenings from 8 PM-10 PM EST every week, and commit to an additional three hours of group and individual work each week. The internship begins on February 3, 2020, and runs through April 15, 2020, for a total of 10 weeks. APPLY HERE.

Solve Climate By 2030
 is mobilizing US educators to engage over 100,000 students in dialog about ambitious action to stabilize the climate. It culminates on the evening of April 7, 2020, with 52 simultaneous, university-hosted webinars, one in every state, and DC and Puerto Rico. These dialogs will reveal three, ambitious things that need doing in Texas and Idaho, Missouri and New Jersey, Florida, and Minnesota if we aim to stop climate change. Across the country, every student in an environmental studies class, every AP environmental science class, every faith group, and civic organization can participate. 

Intern teams will design, deliver, and evaluate a social media campaign in support of Solve Climate.  Guest speakers and discussion will focus on the theory and practice of using social media to engage audiences in climate action. Interns who complete the program will receive a certificate and can request letters of recommendation from Dr. Eban Goodstein, Director of the Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability.

 You will be working with state host institutions including: 

·       Alabama                  Auburn                                     New York               U Albany

·       Alaska                     UAF                                          North Carolina       Wake Forest

·       California                UC Berkeley                              Ohio                       OSU

·       Colorado                 CU Boulder                               Oregon                   Willamette

·       Connecticut            UConn                                       Pennsylvania          Penn State

·       Delaware                U Delaware                               Rhode Island          Brown

·       Florida                    U of S FL                                   South Carolina       College of Charleston

·       Georgia                  GA Tech                                     South Dakota        SDSMT

·       Hawaii                    Kapiolani CC/UH                        Tennessee            Sewanee - U of South

·       Indiana                   IU-Bloomington                          Texas                     Rice

·       Kansas                   K State                                       Utah                       Weber State

·       Kentucky                Louisville                                    Vermont                  Middlebury

·       Maine                    TBD                                             Virginia                   George Mason

·       Maryland               UMD-College Park                      Wisconsin              UW Eau Claire

·       Massachusetts      Brandeis                                       Louisiana              Tulane

·       Michigan                MI State                                       DC                         GW

·       Minnesota              St John/St Benedict                     New Hampshire     Antioch UNE

·       Montana                 U of Montana                              Arizona                   AZ State

·       Nebraska               UNL                                             Washington            Western Washington                

·       Nevada                  Nevada EPSCoR                                      

·       New Jersey            Rutgers  

This internship is sponsored by the Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College. Please direct questions to Eban Goodstein, Director of Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College.