Submit to the Michiana Undergrad Sustainability-Focused Anthology

Location: Indiana University South Bend


What we are looking for:

The creative work we hope to obtain will have a strong focus on issues of sustainability, the environment, nature, and the impact of climate-based issues on our society. This means we will take works that focus strongly on environmental issues as well as work that simply celebrates the beauty of nature. More specifically, anything that you feel is an impactful and relevant statement in terms of sustainability, climate change, and society. Your works could focus on the politics of climate change or take a more scientific approach to these issues. You might consider these issues as a whole or take a more targeted approach. For example, you might examine the issue of rising sea levels. We will be accepting poetry, prose, graphic narratives, and visual art (photography, paintings, sketches, etc). If you are not sure if a work would fit PLEASE SUBMIT it or feel free to send an inquiry email. 

Special Note to IUSB students: You can submit the same work to both Analecta and this anthology.


  • Deadline: February 2, 2020 
  • Send all submissions via your university affiliate email to Eva Monhaut at 
  • Use subject line: Sustainability Anthology Submission: Genre–Last Name 

      Example: Sustainability Anthology Submission: Poetry–Smith 

  • If sending multiple genres, please send as separate emails 
  • In the body of the email, include a two-to-three sentence bio about you and your interest in sustainability 
  • Attach your submission. Please do not put your name anywhere in the attachment as we would like the review process to be blind 

For Poetry: Submit up to 5 poems 

For Prose: Submit fiction or Creative-Nonfiction, up to 15 double-spaced pages 

For Graphic Narratives: Submit up to 10 pages 

For visual art: Submit up to 5 works 

Feel free to reach out with questions or submission issues at 

More questions? Go here.