How Climate Change and Thermal Mismatch are Driving Diseases Outbreaks and Biodiversity Declines.


Location: Galvin 115B

Jason Rohr

Jason Rohr, Ph.D. is a Ludmilla F., Stephen J., and Robert T. Galla College Professor of Biological Sciences. His research interests broadly encompass ecology and public health. He is particularly interested in how anthropogenic changes, mainly pollution, climate change, and alterations to biodiversity, affect wildlife populations, species interactions, and the spread of both wildlife and human diseases. 

Dr. Rohr received a Ph.D. in Ecology & Behavior from Binghamton University in New York in 2002. Before coming to Notre Dame, Dr. Rohr taught as a professor at the University of South Florida, was Director for the Center for Infection Disease Ecology Research at the University of South Florida, and an affiliate at the Florida Climate Institute. 

Presented as part of the Environmental Change Initiative's Brown Bag Seminar Series.