Environmental Advocacy Webinar Series: The Path to Environmental Justice is Local


Location: Online

The time has never been more urgent for environmental advocacy. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and social inequity are creating an increasingly unstable and impoverished world. The magnitude of the problems we face demands systemic changes to our economy and way of life, and science and education alone are not sufficient to bring about those changes. We need a new generation of savvy environmental advocates and activists, and more scholarship and teaching of advocacy so that more people can make informed and strategic action to create systems change.


Elizabeth Yeampierre

Elizabeth Yeampierre is an internationally recognized Puerto Rican attorney of African and Indigenous ancestry and environmental/climate justice leader who is the executive director of UPROSE, Brooklyn’s oldest Puerto Rican community-based organization. She is also the Co-Chair of a national alliance called Climate Justice Alliance and the co-founder of #OurPowerPRnyc. Her award-winning vision for an intergenerational, multicultural, and community-led organization is the driving force behind UPROSE.

She is a long-time advocate and trailblazer for community organizing around just, sustainable development, environmental justice, and community-led climate adaptation and community resiliency in Sunset Park. In addition to that, she was recognized in 2015 by Vogue as a Climate Warrior and one of the 13 women on the frontline fighting against Climate Change.

Ms. Yeampierre was recently featured in NY Times as a visionary paving the path to Climate Justice. In 2018, she was awarded Frederick Douglass Abolitionist Award FD200, She recently was named by Apolitical as Climate 100: The World’s Most Influential People in Climate Policy.

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