"Sustainable Futures – Communities in Action" Documentary and Q&A Session


Location: Online


All around the world, people, in their local communities, are tackling some of the biggest global challenges… the climate, the environment, and how to sustain economies and livelihoods. The actions these communities are taking, the solutions they are finding, can inspire a way forward for all of us.

Sustainable Futures – Communities in Action

… is a positive and powerful new film that brings you to four such communities, each a story of local action and local solutions, each a story of people, working together, in unity for a common cause.

Travel from a neighborhood of urban Halifax, in eastern Canada, to Nuu-chah-nulth territory on Canada’s west coast, and from the community of Papendorp, South Africa, to the island of Koh Pitak, in Thailand. Each community has its own culture and its own story, but all are working toward a future built on the power of community, on local decision-making, and on more sustainable ecosystems and economies. Communities with people working together to thrive… and leading the way toward a sustainable world.

“People in the community feel that they have a voice and they have the ability to make the changes they want in their community.” – Tammy Shields, Dartmouth Food Centre

“Our ancestors managed the river because they were here to see and do it while the government is far away.” – Sara Afrika, Community Elder, Ebenhaeser/Papendorp

“There are three ways we are helping conserve our fish stocks: seeding giant clams, creating homes for the fish, and taking care of the environment.” – Akrom, Koh Pitak fisher

“We are putting forth new ideas but have the same values as our ancestors. It is our responsibility to look after not just our people but also the environment and how we do that in modern times is a juggling act.” – Terry Dorward, Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation Councillor

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