Texas Freezing, Siberia Melting: What does it mean for our future?


Location: TBD


An LNG tanker traversing the Northern Sea Route in winter, a deep freeze in Texas, and a melting tundra in Siberia are all markers of rapidly accelerating climate change. In this brief presentation, Dr. Phil Sakimoto will explain how climate change drives such events and what they mean for the question of “how long do we have?” He will also discuss the Citizens’ Climate Lobby proposal for a carbon fee and dividend and explain why, from his experience working for the Federal government, he believes that the fee and dividend is a necessary and powerful approach for turning the tide on climate change. Ample time for questions and discussion will follow.

Dr. Sakimoto, an astrophysicist with expertise in climate science, is the former Program Manager and Acting Director of NASA’s Space Science Education and Public Outreach Program.  He received his B.A. in physics from Pomona College and his M.A. and Ph.D. in astronomy from UCLA. Dr. Sakimoto is a co-instructor for the Sustainability Minor gateway course, and he frequently guest lectures about climate change both on campus and in the community. He is the author of several publications about climate change and has worked with the Vatican, the National Catholic Reporter, the Catholic Climate Covenant, the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby on matters of climate change.

In-person and zoom attendance details to come.

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