Engaging Communities in Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade – Opportunities and Challenges


Location: Online


Dr. Dilys Roe, Principal Researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development's Natural Resources and Biodiversity Research Group will speak about her research on the international illegal wildlife trade and insights into community engagement. 

At numerous international policy forums, governments from a wide range of countries have made commitments to supporting community engagement as part of their efforts to tackle international illegal wildlife trade (IWT). Despite this, the major focus of anti-IWT strategies to date has been, and remains, on law enforcement. One problem is that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to community engagement and a limited evidence base on effective approaches. In this talk, Dr. Roe will discuss the rationale for community engagement, the commitments that have been made, and the progress that has been made against those commitments. Dr. Roe will then present some initiatives that she has been involved in to enhance community engagement and some of the lessons learned from those efforts. Finally, Dr. Roe will present some of the lessons identified in the 100+ case studies we have collected on the “PeopleNotPoaching” web portal and some perspectives from community representatives themselves, on how best to tackle IWT and the support they need to do so.

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This talk is sponsored by the GLOBES program.