Sustainability alumni kick off ND Day campaign

Author: Alexander Hajek

Notre Dame Day Promo

The Sustainability Minor has always been fortunate to have the support of an enthusiastic alumni network. Members of Notre Dame’s Sustainability Alumni Network mentor current students, supervise internships, and even visit campus as guest lecturers. This year, a group of alumni has generously offered their time and energy to lead an ND Day campaign for the Sustainability Minor.

“For me, the Minor was one of the most invaluable and formative experiences of my time at Notre Dame,” said Abbey Veres ‘18. “From the very beginning, the class options allowed for many paths to explore my interests. As I got closer to my capstone project, events organized by the Minor helped me broaden my network, work with local sustainability initiatives, and form life-long bonds with classmates and professors. To see how many students are now entering the Minor makes me so incredibly excited - I want to provide them with all the benefits I saw and more - and I really think that this fund can help accomplish that.”

The campaign kicked off with a Sustainability Trivia Night on March 23rd. Dozens of alumni joined on Zoom to reconnect, socialize and test their knowledge of sustainability trivia. “It was great to see people I hadn’t seen in years,” said Caitlin Jacobs ‘17, “and to meet new people who have common interests.”

“Sustainability Studies at Notre Dame is really at an inflection point,” said Rachel Novick, Director of the Sustainability Minor. “The number of students enrolled has actually tripled, and that means we need to expand our financial resources in order to offer the breadth of courses, professional development opportunities, and undergraduate research support that will help our students become leaders in contributing to a more sustainable world.”

Click here to contribute to the campaign. Donations can be made through April 19th and a variety of challenge funds have the potential to multiply the impact of each donation, helping the campaign to reach its ambitious goal of a $50,000 Director’s Fund.

The Sustainability Minor provided me with the resources I needed to pursue a career that I'm passionate about,” said John Sexton ‘18. “Our fundraising efforts will ensure that this can be true for many students in years to come by forming a fund that will fuel the next generation of Notre Dame Sustainability Minors' studies.”