Audio: As Warm Winters Mess With Nut Trees' Sex Lives, Farmers Help Them 'Netflix And Chill'

Climate Change, Ecology, Food and Farming // 5-mins

From NPR: "In love, timing is everything, the saying goes. The same is true for fruit and nut orchards in California's Central Valley, which depend on a synchronized springtime bloom for pollination. But as winters warm with climate change, that seasonal cycle is being thrown off.

Cold is a crucial ingredient for California's walnuts, cherries, peaches, pears and pistachios, which ultimately head to store shelves around the country. The state grows around 99% of the country's walnut and pistachio crop.

Over the winter, the trees are bare and dormant, essentially snoozing until they wake up for a key reproductive rite."

Published on NPR on February 17, 2020.