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Matt Schaefer CoverMatt Schaefer '17

Sustainability is one of the most sought-after skill sets in the design world. In addition to diverse course options, the Minor offers an alumni mentoring program, internship opportunities, social events, and funding for independent research. Architecture majors are encouraged to pursue a capstone project that enhances and deepens their architecture thesis.

Check out our student spotlight of Paige Russell '18.

Architecture & Sustainability Capstone Projects:

Avani Agarwal
A Balancing Act: Guidelines for Achieving Environmental Sustainability in a Cultural Context
Advisor: Prof. John Onyango

Christian Cullinan
Food Security of Seniors in South Bend
Advisor: Prof. John Onyango

Russell DraftingPaige Russell '18

Michaela Mahon
Sustainable Landscape and Urban Design for a Safe and Engaging Public Space at the Catholic Worker
Advisor: Prof. Kimberly Rollings​​​​​

Madeline Paulk
Designing a Greener Games: Incorporating Sustainability into Pre and Post Olympic Site Development
Advisor: Prof. Aimee Buccellato

Alexandria Gordon
Building Materials and Methods in Charleston, South Carolina in Light of Climate Change
Advisor: Prof. Samantha Salden-Teach

Cordova Learning Center

Paige Russell
Green Roofs on A Collegiate Gothic Campus
Advisor: Prof. John Mellor

Jiayi Yi
Sustainability in High-rises: Approaches Towards the Ecological Systems Framework at Chicago Loop
Advisor: Prof. John Stamper

Advisor: Prof. Kim Rollings
Matthew Schaefer
Advisor: Prof. Kim Rollings
Martín Serrano Córdova
Advisor: Prof. Aimee Buccellato
Timothy Galano

Collaborative Planning of a Local School Garden
Advisor: Prof. Kimberly Rollings

Paige Melinis
Smart Streets in South Bend
Advisor: Prof. Kimberly Rollings

Natalie Stenger
Rebuilding Neighborhoods
Advisor: Prof. Selena Anders

Alison Collins
Sunshine Clubhouse Community Development: A Case for the Sustainable Design of Clubhouses
Advisor: Prof. Lucien Steil

Jackie Oberlander
A Study in Sustainability for the South Lake Tahoe Community Center
Advisor: Prof. Aimee Buccellato

Kathryn Ossing
Bringing Rome to the Suburbs
Advisor: Prof. Alan DeFrees

To join the Sustainability Minor, email us at or visit us in 203 O'Shaughnessy. You can also schedule a meeting with Dr. Sakimoto, Director of the Minor here.