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Abby VeresAbby Veres, Accounting '18

Thinking about pairing your business major with a Sustainability Minor? Sustainability is one of the most sought-after skill sets in the business world.

In addition to diverse course options, the Minor offers an alumni mentoring program, internship opportunities, social events, and funding for independent research.

Testimonials from Hiring Managers:

“I would value a Sustainability Minor in a job candidate because sustainability is a critical core business challenge that faces all industries and companies. Understanding the complex tradeoffs associated with sustainability and the need to incorporate sustainability data into business decision-making is critical to successfully advising our clients.” –Katie Padilla MCOB ’03, Sustainability Project Manager at K-Coe Consulting

TylerTyler Newsome, Marketing '18

“Sustainability minors have an edge professionally because sustainability is a key strategic lens by which organizations plan for future constraints and business opportunities. Sustainability professionals at the core of the profession are systems-based strategists that can help any organization advance in the future; these leaders are increasingly in demand.” –Erin Fitzgerald MCOB ’99, formerly Sr. VP Global Sustainability at Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, now CEO at Farmers and Ranchers Alliance

Testimonials from Alumni of the Minor:

“My experience in the Sustainability Minor led me to start my own retail carbon offsetting company after graduation. I then used my sustainability capstone on Integrating Clean Energy Infrastructure into the Grid as a springboard to a career in clean energy policy, and am now a consultant for Advanced Energy Economy. I love my job and feel as though I am truly making a difference.” - Coley Girouard, Finance ’13

Kate ChristianKate Christian, IT Mgmt '15

“A lot of the work I do as a technology consultant requires taking a broad view of an issue and then drilling down to a specific challenge without losing sight of the overall system.  The Sustainability Minor taught me to take a holistic systems-oriented view of my projects. I can then more effectively collaborate to solve problems and simultaneously keep the end-goal in mind.” –Kate Christian, IT Management ‘15

“Immediately after graduation, I began working on sustainable urban planning for the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development in Washington, DC.  Thanks to the Sustainability Minor, I was able to communicate adeptly across a wide range of sustainability issues facing communities, including green infrastructure, equity, community solar, and natural resource management, as they plan for the long-term. –Patrick Revord, Science-Business ‘13

SextonJohn Sexton, Finance '18

Profiles of Current and Recent Mendoza/Sustainability Students:

Tai Verbrugge '19

Tyler Newsome '18

Caitlin Murphy '17


To join the Sustainability Minor, email us at or visit us in 203 O'Shaughnessy. You can also schedule a meeting with Dr. Sakimoto, Director of the Minor here.

Explore our website for upcoming events and see summaries of past capstone projects.

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