Class of 2014

Eily Andruszkiewicz
Fish Out of Water? Exploring the spread of environmental DNA through porous media
Advisor: Prof. Diogo Bolster

Laine Asbury
Bali's Water Crisis
Advisor: Prof. Chad Harms

Patrick Cavanaugh
The Purple Porch Cooperative: Sustaining a Sustainable Business
Advisor: Prof. Matthew Doppke

Alison Collins
Sunshine Clubhouse Community Development: A Case for the Sustainable Design of Clubhouses
Advisor: Prof. Lucien Steil

Stephen Elser
Brown Water: The Ecological and Economic Implications of Increased Dissolved Organic Carbon in Lakes
Advisor: Prof. Stuart Jones

Christian Estrada
Custom Elevation: Elevating Artisans’ Lives
Advisor: Prof. Mke Vogel

Meredith Houska
Sustainability in Protected Tourism Areas
Advisor: Prof. Andy Weigert

Emily Kalish
The 3 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Eco-Seal
Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Moore

Katie Lenkiewicz
It’s What You Say, Not How You Say It: 3 Keys to Impactful Environmental Writing
Advisor: Prof. John Sitter

Jack McLaren
Grassland Bird Conservation: why noise matters
Advisor: Prof. Gary Belovsky

J Malcolm Mossman
The Power of Nature in Postindustrial America
Advisor: Prof. Julia Thomas

Jackie Oberlander
A Study in Sustainability for the South Lake Tahoe Community Center
Advisor: Prof. Aimee Buccellato

Kathryn Ossing
Bringing Rome to the Suburbs
Advisor: Prof. Alan DeFrees

Annemarie Schwendler
Social Organization and Change Management
Advisor: Prof. Rachel Novick

Dayna Smith
Implementing Environmental Education in South Bend Schools
Advisor: Prof. Stuart Jones