Class of 2015

Hannah Becker
Stakeholder Mindset and Ecological Impact: Do Personal Beliefs and Values of Lake Papakeechie and Lake Wawasee Residents Influence Lake Stewardship?
Advisor: Prof. Anthony Serianni

Amanda Buerger
Implementing the Use of The Nature Conservancy of Indiana’s Invasive Species List at the University of Notre Dame
Advisors: Prof. Jason McLachlan & Barbara Hellenthal 

Kate Christian
Feasibility study of a campus-wide geothermal energy system at Notre Dame
Advisor: Prof. Sam Miller

Ryan Davila
The effects of ammonia, copper, and lead on brine shrimp (Artemia franciscana) populations in the Great Salt Lake, Utah
Advisor: Prof. Gary Belovsky

Timothy Galano
Collaborative Planning of a Local School Garden
Advisor: Prof. Kimberly Rollings

Brittany Gibler
Responsible Tourism: Finding the University Student’s Global Footprint
Advisor, Prof. Melissa Paulsen

Elizabeth Golebie
Optimizing recreational fishery management in the context of shoreline development
Advisor: Prof. Stuart Jones

Maura Kelly
Leadership Characteristics and Sustainability in Business: How can we equip future business leaders to impact the sustainable business space?
Advisor: Prof. Jessica McManus Warnell

Carly Loeffel & John McKune
Assurance of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures: Choice of Independent Assurance Provider and Assurance Level
Advisors: Prof. Bill Nichols & Prof. Sandra Vera-Munoz

Andrew Marlin & Christopher Mullen
Waste Reduction and Environmental Education in Elementary Schools
Advisor: Prof. Chad Harms
Co-Advisor: Claire Roach, M.Ed.

Paige Melinis
Smart Streets in South Bend
Advisor: Prof. Kimberly Rollings

Katie Otterbeck
The Moral Implications of Climate Change
Advisor: Prof. David Cortright

Shella Raja
Aquaponics Across the Spectrum: Bridging Science Education to STEM-Based Careers and Eco-Stewardship
Advisor: Prof. Susan Blum

Michael Spear
Creation of management tools for the invasive red-­eared slider turtle
Advisor: Prof. David Lodge

Natalie Stenger
Rebuilding Neighborhoods
Advisor: Prof. Selena Anders

Katie Sylva
Resources for the City of South Bend Food Waste Prevention Plan
Advisor: Prof. Jessica McManus-Warnell