Class of 2018

Anna Chang
Improving Energy Efficiency of Existing Buildings at Notre Dame
Advisor: Prof. David Go

Emily Clements
Solar Panels at the Catholic Worker
Advisor: Prof. Svetlana Neretina

Jorge Daura
Adapting to the Anthropocene in El Salvador
Advisor: Prof. Mark Olsen

Gabriel Gaspar
Environmental Refugees and Migration
Advisor: TBD

Aleksandra Gawronska
What a Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Could do for the University of Notre Dame and Similar Schools
Advisor: Prof. Peter Burns

MacKenna Kelleher
Creating a Sustainable Community the Unity Gardens Way: A Case Study
Advisor: Prof. Melissa Paulsen

Isabel Muench
An Ecocritical Reading of Virginia Woolf
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Rosenberg

Jeff Murillo
Integrating Sustainability into the Notre Dame Architecture Program's Curriculum
Advisor: Prof. John Mellor

Tyler Newsome
How athletics can play a behavioral role in developing sustainable practices in the marketing industry
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Cherian

Henry Perry
Switchgrass Germination for Biofuel Production
Advisor: Prof. Alan George Taylor of Cornell University & Prof. Rachel Novick

Alex Preudhomme
An Integrative Website on Climate Change Models, Research, and other Useful Resources
Advisor: Prof. Kimberly Rollings

Paige Russell
Sustainable Roofs on a Traditional Campus
Advisor: Prof. John Mellor

Maria Sasso
The Whys and Hows of Gardening at the University of Notre Dame
Advisor: Prof. John Sitter

John Sexton
Carbon Dioxide: Pollutant to Commodity
Advisor: Prof. Samuel Miller

Kate Sullivan
Eliminating Excess: Ensuring Compliance with Industrial Water Regulations in California
Advisor: Prof. Suzanne Wengle

Adam Uppendahl
Environmental Sustainability in Hospitals: Improving the Sustainable Practice in Memorial Hospital with a Sustainability Committee
Advisor: Prof. Anthony Serianni

Abby Veres
Montessori & Sustainability: A Farming-Based Curriculum
Advisor: Prof. Brian Collier

Rob Whitacre
Smart Packaging: How the way our goods are packaged can save the environment
Advisor: Prof. Wendy Angst

Jiayi Yi
Urban Regeneration in Shanghai
Advisor: Prof. Lucien Steil