Adapting to the Anthropocene in El Salvador

Jorge Daura

Daura ChaconinterviewInterview with Lic. Mauricio Chacon from GIZ

My project consists of studying the current and future methods El Salvador is going to use to combat climate change effects, specifically in San Salvador, its capital city. I will focus on the adaptive capability El Salvador has to adapt to climate change.


I think this topic is important because I care a lot about my home country and I believe there is a lot of room for improvement in the area of climate adaptability. In addition, I hope I can bring understanding of climate science to more residents of El Salvador and provide a different perspective to the American population about climates in other countries in order to close the communication gap between the general population and scientific data.


I have conducted interviews with several agencies about the subject and heard firsthand what they think El Salvador should do. These agencies are the following: MARN (Ministry of Environment), GIZ (German Society of International Cooperation), CENTA (National Center for Agricultural and Forestry Technology), FIAES (American Initiative Fund), FUNDASYRAN (Foundation of Socioeconomic Development and Environmental Restoration) & CAMRASAL (El Salvador Chamber of Commerce and Industry). I will use these recordings as well as my own analysis to produce a series of podcasts in Spanish, along with an accompanying paper including an English translation to analyze and explain the history of climate in El Salvador, what is currently happening, and what El Salvador should do to adapt to climate change. I will produce a podcast because it is easier for people to listen to a point of view rather than to read it. This approach will also help Salvadorians that do not understand climate science at all.