Homemade Uranium Filters for the Navajo Nation

Aleksandra Gawronska

Gawronska Uranium

The goal of this study is to create a simple filter that can successfully remove uranium from contaminated water. I hope to create an inexpensive, small, easily-replicable filter that does not require energy to operate so that the people of the Navajo Nation can drink their water safely and without worrying about issues from uranium consumption and radiation. With the help of Dr. Burns, I will study the conditions that are favorable for uranium precipitation so that it may successfully be removed from the water.


There exist several easily attainable materials we will focus on that can aid in this – limestone will be used to neutralize the acidic water, and fishbone will be used to cause uranium to precipitate out so that it may be filtered. Upon the creation of a filter design, we will go through a series of tests to ensure success and easy use, and present it to the heads of the Nation so that they can spread the news.