The role of college athletics in influencing consumer’s behavior by developing sustainable practices

Tyler Newsome

Newsome Clover

The intersection of athletics and sustainability is relatively unexplored. There is some research that describes NCAA athletics and the role they can play a role in developing a sustainable future. I am planning on collecting data that deals with looking at athletes as role models and interviewing athletes that have made a difference in the sustainability world by using their voice as a platform. This will be useful to see what kind of impact they have on people, especially children.

I will also look at the impact that individual NCAA teams have, & after this data is collected, I will formulate new ideas in order to help Notre Dame integrate more sustainable practice along with individual athletes that have also not fully developed sustainable practices. In order to understand the current state of the field, I will interview athletes at Notre Dame and three NCAA institutions and ask them about their team’s sustainable efforts. Gathering this data and coming up with new ideas will be of the utmost importance in order to explain why athletics can be a platform for a positive sustainable future.

This research will look at teams that have fully developed sustainability strategies and use this information to propose a strategy for Notre Dame based off of the research gathered from these three teams. In the Spring semester, when my research is finalized, I plan to go into some of the local South Bend schools with educational  materials for children and explain why sustainability is so important to the youth and how athletics affects sustainability.