Green Roofs on A Collegiate Gothic Campus

Paige Russell

Green Roof 1200x675

I am studying green roofs, their history, benefits, systems, and aesthetics. They have recently been associated primarily with modern style or modern looking buildings, but I believe they may have a place on other types of buildings. I believe it is important to consider the use of green roofs on various building types because green roofs help reduce some of the negative impact humans are having on the environment. By limiting green roofs to a specific building type we are limiting the amount of green roofs we can implement and hurting our potential to try to help the environment.

I will research how green roofs have been used historically, their benefits related to universities, and some of the typical green roofing systems used today. I will also demonstrate through design solutions that green roofs can be successfully implemented (in terms of pleasing aesthetics as well as functionality) on colligate gothic buildings just as well as a modern style building.

The findings of my capstone will be illustrated in a series of plates that will provide the summary or quick version of my findings. I will also write an in-depth research paper further explaining my findings. I think having both the easily understood visuals as well as the in-depth paper will successfully show all of the work I will do throughout the year but also get the point across in a way that is enticing to my audience.