The Whys and Hows of Gardening at the University of Notre Dame

Maria Sasso

Sasso Tomato

As the industrialization of the food economy continues to wreak havoc on our bodies and our planet, it becomes increasingly important for young people to understand and appreciate the benefits of sustainably grown, local food. My project will focus on spreading awareness of these benefits, sparking enthusiasm for the local food organizations here in South Bend, and teaching students how to grow their own food.

To be the most effective, I will research how other college campuses and organizations influence young adults to get involved in local food and sustainability. After conducting this research and primary research about relevant organizations in the community, I will publish an online manual about how to garden indoors, how to procure local food in South Bend, and how to get involved in various organizations focused on local food in South Bend. It will also include articles informing students about the importance of local food in the context various academic disciplines including theology, economics, psychology, and health.

In the spring semester, I will establish a formal group of individuals interested in this movement via social media. I will host an event distributing gardening supplies to spread awareness of this project and this community. This project will bring more people into the conversation about local food, sustainable agriculture, and sustainability in general.