Carbon Dioxide: Pollutant to Commodity

John Sexton

Sexton Coal Plant

My study is on Carbon Upcyling Technology's (CUT) carbon sequestering concrete and asphalt additives, and ways in which using them may be an economically sound decision that helps firms to maximize their value while also simultaneously shrinking their carbon footprint.


To do this I will have to work closely with Apoorv Sinha, CEO of CUT, and IFM Investors, the private equity holders of the Indiana Toll Road which is where we plan on testing CUT’s concrete additive that is a combination of sequestered CO2 and fly ash. Through maintaining close relationships and developing a network at both companies, I will facilitate relationships to have them work cooperatively as a cohesive unit and ensure the success of the product.


The projects primary purpose is to build a financial model capable of looking at many factors as to why CUT’s product is valuable now and how it could potentially be even more valuable in the future.