Class of 2019

Avani Agarwal
A Balancing Act: Guidelines for Achieving Environmental Sustainability in a Cultural Context
Advisor: Prof. John Onyango

Chioma Amuzie
Education To Promote Water Quality and Public Health
Advisor: Prof. Stuart E. Jones

Eva Baghdan​​​
Sustainable and Economic Ventilation in Hot Arid Climates
Advisor: Prof. Alan DeFrees

Jackie Brebeck
Public perception of issues and policies regarding plastic pollution in Taiwan's coastal communities
Advisor: Prof. Philip Sakimoto

Christian Cullinan
Food Security of Seniors in South Bend
Advisor: Prof. John Onyango

Deirdre Kennedy
The Importance of Knowing a Name: Tree Identifications on Notre Dame's Campus
Advisor: Fr. Terrence Ehrman, C.S.C.

Marissa Kivi
​​​Uncovering competitive mechanisms of tree competition with data assimilation
Advisor: Prof. Jason McLachlan

Ryan Kolakowski
The Ongoing Development of Sustainable Journalism: a Plan of Action for The Observer at Notre Dame
Advisor: Prof. Richard Jones & Prof. Victoria St. Martin

Sara Kruempelstaedter
The Relationship between firm characteristics and the use of various guidelines in Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
Advisor: Prof. F. Asis Martinez-Jerez

Samuel Kuster
Microgrids in Puerto Rico: Clean Power & Energy Independence
Advisor: Prof. Donna Glowacki

Maria Lally
Environmental Education Seminar in the American Southwest
Advisor: Prof. Annie Coleman

​​​​Victoria Llorens
An Examination of how Language Influences our Perception and Treatment of Earth in the 21st Century Anthropocene
Advisor: Prof. Laura Walls

Michaela Mahon
Sustainable Landscape and Urban Design for a Safe and Engaging Public Space at the Catholic Worker
Advisor: Prof. Kimberly Rollings​​​​​

Laura Matthews
Physiological Effects of Microplastic Ingestion on Yellow Perch (P. flavescens)
Advisor: Prof. Gary Lamberti

Erin Maxwell
Optimal Messaging for an Environmental Nonprofit
Advisor: Prof. Joe Cherian

Sean McFeely
Peace, Prosperity, Planet: How avoiding conflict resources can result in a more sustainable supply chain
Advisor: Prof. Dan Lindley

Madeline Paulk
Designing a Greener Games: Incorporating Sustainability into Pre and Post Olympic Site Development
Advisor: Prof. Aimee Buccellato

Sarah Seaberg
Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Western Ireland: Preserving Cultural Practices
Advisor: Prof. Ian Kuijt

Meredith Soward & Tai Verbrugge
Decreasing Plastic Waste in Restaurant Systems
Advisor: Prof. Sam Miller

Madeline VerHey
Economic Value of D&R Greenway Ecosystem Services Update
Advisor: Prof. David Hutchison

Jacquie Whalen
Expanding membership and member involvement of a grocery co-operative in order to reduce food insecurity and support sustainable food production through educational and outreach opportunities
Advisor: Prof. Margaret Pfeil

Claire Whitesell
Our New Reality: An Interactive Art Installation
Advisor: Prof. Gary Sczerbaniewicz