Education To Promote Water Quality and Public Health

Chioma Amuzie

Amuzie Clean WaterSource:

​​​​​Officials in positions of power often misspeak about environmental quality. Instead of simply taking their word for it, we should teach citizens to go out and challenge the dominant narrative.

For my project, I will be studying a shared issue between public health and sustainability: water pollution. There will be two major parts of this study: data analysis and communications work. With my analysis of past published data on water pollution from two municipalities, I am going to investigate how different subconcepts of sustainability contribute to the state of water pollution. Water is the building block of life and an essential unalienable right to everyone, which is why I believe it is important to inform the public how they can understand their own water quality and advocate for improvements. Due to its accessibility for a lot of people globally, I believe that many people overlook how easily it is taken advantage of. I wish to educate the public about understanding their water quality so they can be better advocates for themselves.