Sustainable and Economic Ventilation in Hot Arid Climates

Eva Baghdan

Baghdan BeirutEva Baghdan during a trip to Beirut

With the Civil War in Syria reaching its 8th year, the destruction in Syria is severe. City damages range from mild damage to complete demolition as civilians are forced to venture to different countries to find refuge. The civilians that remain must deal with shortages of all types, including electricity. For hours every day, homes will experience power outages, causing great discomfort for residents, especially in the summer when citizens rely on air conditioning units to keep them cool over the summer.

Through this project, I plan to design housing for the destroyed city of Homs, Syria, that utilizes natural ventilation systems so that residents will not have to rely on spotty electricity to keep their homes comfortable. I also plan on developing a cost analysis to determine which systems would be most efficient and cost effective.