Optimal Messaging for an Environmental Nonprofit

Erin Maxwell

Maxwell Ecojustice CenterSource: tripadvisor.com

I will be studying the intersection of non-profit marketing and sustainability marketing, with the goal of understanding how to generate awareness and income for sustainability non-profit organizations. I am aiming to learn about messaging for such organizations: both the theory behind creating effective messaging and how to implement that in practice.

I think this is important because there are numerous non-profit organizations that are aiming to improve our environment, but they often do not have resources for effective marketing, both in terms of capital and knowledge. I will approach this problem by conducting research on strategies and practices of constructing marketing messages in the non-profit and sustainability sectors, and ultimately create a set of marketing materials for the Eco-Justice Center, an environmental education center located in Racine, WI. The organization is in need of new materials (such as brochures, fliers, event promotions, etc.). The end goal is to fulfill this need while also providing helpful tips and tools that can be used on future projects, or even by other organizations.