Class of 2020

Jane Bonfiglio
Fiction to Frighten: Short Stories and the Intimate Devastation of Climate Change
Advisor: Prof. Roy Scranton

Haley Christian and Elizabeth Finnerty
The Ugly Company on College Campuses
Advisor: Prof. Michael Mannor

Andrew Conces
Economic Analysis of Wind Power: Northern Indiana
Advisor: Allison Mihalich

Emily Figueroa
2020 Implementation Plan: ThreadED X University Collaborative
Advisor: Prof. Chad Harms

Madeleine Girgis
Implications of a Changing Ecosystem: The Effect of Environment and Life Stage on Brine Shrimp
Advisor: Prof. Gary Belovsky

Christian Green
Stories for an Ailing Planet: An Analysis of Modern Climate Film
Advisor: Prof. Laura Walls

Amelia Grose
Sources of Streamflow and the Importance of Scale in Evaluating Agricultural Conservation Practices.
Advisor: Prof. Jennifer Tank

Brielle Jaglowski
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Migrations and GIS Analysis of Sea-Level Rise Scenarios on Maui
Advisor: Prof. Matthew Sisk

Whitney Lim
Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Notre Dame Student Garden
Advsor: Prof. Sam Miller

Ally Marrs
Determining Bioavailable Phosphorus Concentrations
Advisor: Prof. Jen Tank

Reagan Mulqueen
Butterfly Fly Away
Advisor: Prof. Brian Collier

Luke Schneider
United States Offshore Wind Vessel Market Outlook
Advisor: Prof. Chao Shin-Liu

Terese Schomogyi
Crossing the Line: Evaluating and Practicing Transboundary Conservation
Advisor: Prof. Susan Pratt-Rosato

Michael Spoltore
Addressing Vegetation Conservation and Ecosystem Collapse in the Face of a Changing Climate
Advisor: Prof. Jason MacLachlan

Claire Squire
Let’s Play: Conservation Education Opportunities for the Potawatomi Zoo
Advisor: Prof. Ann-Marie Conrado

Matt Wilks
Assessing the Waste Management Procedures of Dave’s Marketplace
Advisor: Prof. Graham Peaslee