Class of 2021

Matty Aubourg & Rachel Wittmer
Empowering Future Generations Through Food: Educating Younger Students about Food Sustainability and Food Security
Advisors: Profs. Brian Collier & Matthew Kloser

Elsa Barron & Karli Siefker
Fertile Ground: Sustainability Education as a Restorative Justice Practice
Advisor: Prof. Maria McKenna

Joshua Brooks
An Economic Analysis of Childhood Lead Exposure in St. Joseph County
Advisors: Profs. Marya Lieberman & Tim Dunne

Bridget Carmody
Antibiotic Use By The Livestock Industry And The Rise Of Antimicrobial Resistance: A History And Assessment Of The United States Federal Government Response
Advisor: Prof. Susanne Wengle

Thomas Comer & Patrick Kaminski
The Role of the Consulting Industry in Catalyzing Sustainability in Business
Advisor: Prof. Chad Harms

Grace Dougherty
Investment Opportunities in Sustainable Farmland
Advisor: Prof. Mary Flannery

Isabelle Elizondo
Anthropozine & Using DIY Publishing to Promote Collective Climate Action: An Examination of Eco-Zines.
Advisor: Prof. Joanna Lin Want

Eliot Evans
Hurricane Maria’s Effects on Puerto Rico’s Human Capital and Economy: a Case Study on Natural Disasters in a Changing Climate
Advisor: Prof. Timothy Dunne

Amorette Hernandez
A Sustainable Financing Plan for El Campito’s Urban Garden
Advisor: Prof. Melissa Paulsen

Anna Kong
The Fort Lawton Outdoor School: Landscape Elements to Facilitate Outdoor Education
Advisor: Prof. John Onyango

Alexa Longstaff
Great Lakes Water Levels: Adapting to Protect Coastal Communities
Advisor: Prof. Timothy Dunne

Cade MacQuarrie
Carbon Neutrality Crowding Out: Public v. Private Efforts to Abate Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Advisor: Prof. Forrest Spence

Matt Millado
Characterizing Challenges of Rural Land Drainage Management in the Midwest United States
Advisor: Matt Meersman & Prof. Marc Muller

Ayla Pavelka
Climate Change and Adaptation for Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment Facilities in Indiana
Advisor: Prof. Alan Hamlet

Melissa Pavloff
The Impact of Climate Change on Plant Diseases with Implications for Food Security and Human Health
Advisor: Prof. Jason Rohr

Michael Piotrowski
Conservation Status of Prairie Fame-flower in Indiana
Advisor: Prof. Nathanael Pilla

Dana Plagenz
Carbon Pricing in Higher Education Institutions and the Implementation of Carbon Pricing at the University of Notre Dame
Advisor: Prof. Sam Miller

Joseph Sheehan
Measuring the Hedonic Value of Local Parks to the Surrounding Neighborhood
Advisor: Prof. Dave Hutchison

Matthew Sloan
Mr. Earle, President Schwartz and Room 22: Three Climate Screenplays
Advisor: Prof. Garcia-Romero

Megan Uhran
Sustainability Reporting Strategies And The Need For Unification
Advisor: Prof. Carl Ackerman

Courtney VanHuffel
Global Citizenship and Environmentally Responsible Travel: A CST Approach
Advisor: Prof. Clemens Sedmak

Kyle Walker
Assessing the Environmental and Social Impacts of the Columbia Lake Dam Removal
Advisor: Prof. Dom Chaloner