A Sustainable Financing Plan for El Campito’s Urban Garden

Amorette Hernandez

Garden Plan

I am studying the economic feasibility and sustainability of an urban garden for children through the daycare and education center, El Campito. This is important because there is a need for both ‘return to nature’ for children and fresh produce for El Campito’s surrounding community.

El Campito is a child development center founded by Hispanic migrant farmworkers who sought to build a safe place for their children. The foundation of El Campito is rooted in serving those without access to childcare and tending to particularly minority children with aspects of instability in the household.

An urban garden will give the children an outlet to find healing for certain traumas through a return to nature. This trauma can include generational poverty, abuse, neglect, etc. The students will be able to watch and help the food grow and find joy in cultivating their food to eat.

Second, this urban garden is important to combat food insecurity in the community and for the families connected with El Campito. A financially sustainable urban garden on El Campito’s lot has the potential to feed nearby families on a limited budget, especially during this economic crisis.

I will go about this project by assessing the financial needs to create an urban garden, assemble an economic plan based on grants, and create a sustainability plan for the garden’s long-term future. I hope to help El Campito find ways in which to create a foundation for the garden centered on a financially sustainable plan to best serve the community and students for many generations.