On the Protection of Phemeranthus rugospermus

Michael Piotrowski


I will be conducting a conservation status report for the plant Phemeranthus rugospermus (Holz.) Kieger, a state endangered plant in Indiana. Also known as the rough-seeded fameflower or the prairie fameflower, P. rugospermus has been reported to be in decline in Indiana, which is the northwest extent of the plant’s native range.

I have gathered historical data on the known locations where P. rugospermus populations have been found, and I visited these areas to see how many of those historical populations remain, and what state the environment is in currently.

From here, I will develop hypotheses on what may have caused populations to disappear, and advise the Indiana DNR on what can be done to preserve the wild populations that remain in the form of a species conservation status report. I plan to submit my findings in a local botanical journal.