The following sustainability courses will be offered in Fall 2019. The home department is typically listed in parentheses. If sustainability students can only enroll under the SUS cross-list, then the course is listed as SUS. Please note that some classes have prerequisites. New courses are in bold.

  • Nd Lakes

    Sustainability Principles and Practice (SUS)

Design (SUS1)

  • Solar Energy: Photovoltaic Systems (AME)
  • Energy and Society (PHYS)*
  • Environmental Systems I (ARCH)
  • Intro to Environmental Engineering (CE)
  • Transportation Engineering (CE)
  • Alternative Energy Devices and Materials (EE)


Impacts (SUS2)

  • Local Flora (SUS)
  • Appalachia: Land and People (HIST)*
  • Biochemistry & Ecosystem Ecology (BIOS)
  • General Ecology (BIOS)
  • Chemistry in Service of Community (CHEM)
  • Planet Earth (SC)
  • Social Factors and Sustainability (ARCH)
  • Earth Focus (PHYS)*
  • Cancer Header

    Environmental Microbiology (CE)
  • Water, Disease, and Global Health (CE)
  • Our Global Environment (HIST)*

Social Institutions (SUS3)

  • Social Science USEM: Sustainable Agriculture (POLS, FYS Only)*
  • Social Concerns Seminar: Energy and Climate (CSC)
  • Jr Sem: Politics of Climate Change (POLS majors only)
  • Energy Law (LAW)
  • Natural Resources Law (LAW)

Tri Campus Photo

Individual Behavior & Values (SUS4)

  • Sustainability at Notre Dame (THEO)
  • Theology and Ecology (THEO)*
  • Creation, Ecology, and Technology (THEO)*
  • Science, Theology, and Creation (THEO)*
  • Environmental Ethics and Politics (PHIL)*
  • American Wilderness (AMST)*
  • Social Factors and Sustainability (ARCH)

*Can double-count as university requirements