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The following sustainability courses will be offered in Fall 2017. The home department is typically listed in parentheses. If sustainability students can only enroll under the SUS cross-list, then the course is listed as SUS. Please note that some classes have prerequisites.

  • Sustainability Principles and Practice (SUS)

Design (SUS1)

  • Energy and Society (ENER)
  • Environmental Systems I (ARCH)
  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering (CE)
  • Photovoltaic System Design for Engineers (AME)
  • Special Research in Sustainable Design and Building Technology (ARCH)
  • Transportation Engineering (CE)

Impacts (SUS2)

  • Aquatic Ecology (BIOS)
  • Aquatic Ecology Laboratory (BIOS)
  • Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Ecology (BIOS)
  • Earth Focus (PHYS)*
  • Environmental Justice (PHIL)*
  • General Ecology (BIOS)
  • GLOBES: Global Change and Civilization (ANTH)
  • Planet Earth (SC)*
  • Plant Science (BIOS)
  • Practicum in Field Environmental Biology-Galapagos Islands (BIOS)
  • Reading Laudato Si in an African Context (SUS)*
  • Water Disease and Global Health (CE)

Social Institutions (SUS3)

  • American Wilderness (AMST)*
  • Energy Climate and Social Change (CSC)
  • Energy Law (LAW)
  • Environmental Law (LAW)
  • Germany and the Environment (GE)*
  • Green Japan (HIST)*
  • The Geopolitics of Energy (POLS)

Individual Behavior & Values (SUS4)

  • American Wilderness (AMST)*
  • Environmental Philosophy (PHIL)*
  • Ethics of Sustainability (PHIL)
  • Reading Laudato Si in an African Context (SUS)*
  • Science, Theology, and Creation (THEO)*
  • Self Society and Environment (SOC)
  • Seminar: The New Thoreau (SUS)
  • Sustainability at Notre Dame and in the Holy Cross Charism (SUS)
  • Theology of Nature (THEO)*
  • Walking Beijing (PSY)

*These classes can double-count as university requirements.