Study Abroad


Students interested in studying sustainability abroad have a number of options. Of Notre Dame's established study abroad programs, the following have the most robust array of sustainability course offerings. Keep in mind that courses listed are from previous semesters, and while they are likely to be taught again, there is no guarantee for any particular semester:

  • Santiago, Chile (courses include: Agricultural Ecology, Natural Resource Economics, and Electric Vehicles)
  • Copenhagen DIS (courses include: Glaciers and Human Impact, Biology of Marine Mammals, Renewable Energy Systems, and Environmental Economics)
  • Dublin, Ireland at Trinity: (courses include: Sustainable Development and the Law, Bioindicators and Pollution, and Ireland’s Changing Landscape)
  • Dublin, Ireland at UCD:  (courses include: Green Venture Finance, Sustainable Business, Biological Invasions, and Wildlife and Fisheries Management)
  • Paris, France at Sciences Po: (courses include: From the Environment to Sustainable Development, Environmental Politics, and History of the Environment, 17th - 20th Century)
  • Perth, Australia  (courses include: Environmental Law and Policy, Environmental Issues in Asia, Land Rehabilitation, and Wildlife Conservation Management)

Other Notre Dame programs have fewer sustainability course offerings but could still be a good fit for students looking to take one sustainability course abroad. These programs include Amman, Athens, Berlin, Beijing, Dakar, Freemantle, and Oxford.